16 August 2010

Happy 3rd Anniversary

bring back the memories of joy of 16th august 2007

My husband, anizan is a loving man. he may not be romantic but it's okay to me. i'm not a romantic either! He’s the one who very understand me… Tak pernah sekali dia menengking..lebih banyak menegur dan mengajar dengan cara yang cukup berhemah..
For me, it is not easy for being a good wife, a good housekeeper, a good mum, and a good person.. aku sebenarnya perlukan masa untuk berubah menjadi yang terbaik…aku sanggup laku apa sahaja demi melihat dia yang aku sayang bahagia… i'd try change for him. i'd do anything i can afford, for him.

To my dear beloved, thank you for being a tolerant person to me notwithstanding in facing my hard-headed behavior sometimes..You came into my life when i was in need. and showered me with love and trust. you, are the right one for me, InsyaAllah, forever and after.

I love you, with all my heart. Happy 3rd Anniversary.

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